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About Cat Safe Plants

Being both cat lovers and plant lovers, when we decided to start a collection of plants that were safe for our kitties, we searched and searched and searched. Even though we've loved and tended to plants all our lives, we found that a surprising number of plants had toxins in them that were harmful to pets! 

We decided to start this store so that cat lovers can find plants without the hassle of searching for what is safe or not. As we found out, not all plants are cat safe; toxins will make their tongue and mouth swell, can cause vomiting or diarrhea, irregular heartbeat, drooling - the list goes on with the amount of potentially fatal side effects and consequences.

These plants were curated for the sole purpose of being safe around cats (and dogs, too) so that you can enhance your home decor with plants that your cat will enjoy playing with, nibbling on, sleeping beside or under, and completely takes the worry out for you knowing that they are cat safe for your furry loved ones.

Please browse our handmade collections to find a suitable shape, color, and variety of cat safe plants that will be sure to please you and your furry family members.

Thank You!