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Calathea White Star

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Calathea White Star


Common Name(s): Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant, White Star

Description:  This cat safe plant, the Calathea White Star is a highly sought after Calathea version. This plant's leaves have a brilliantly colored pattern with deep green, white striped variegation, with a touch of a rosy blush! The leaf undersides are tinged a beautiful purple hue. No wonder why this beauty is rare! Since this Calathea White Star plant is of the Calathea family, the leaves close at night and open in the morning. It prefers to stay moist, but not overwatered. Consistent waterings once per week in the winter to up to twice per week in the summer. If the air in your home is dry, consider using a humidifier to keep this gal happy! Add this Calathea White Star to your Cat Safe Plants collection for plant rarity, striking pattern of colors, leaf shape, and popularity. Imagine you and your cat indulging in it's beauty!