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Hoya Carnosa Chelsea

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Hoya Carnosa Chelsea

  • Botanical Name: Hoya Carnosa
  •  Common Name(s): Chelsea
  • Description:  This cat safe plant, the Hoya Carnosa Chelsea has long, slender, cascading vines covered with waxy, heart shaped cupped, deep green leathery leaves sometimes flecked with silver or creamy white and fresh leaves are tinged with pink. It also produces wax flowers known as Porcelain Flowers. To make this plant appear denser, wrap it's sparsely leaved stems around a bamboo trellis or a moss pole. Bright indirect light year-round is ideal. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. Wax plants love high humidity and the foliage appreciates misting. The flowers are pink, star-shaped, in parachute-shaped clusters, with a sweet fragrance and may produce a sticky sap. This Hoya Carnosa Chelsea is considered rare and a collectors variety within the Hoya family. Add this Hoya Carnosa Chelsea to your Cat Safe Plants collection for it's beautifully heart shaped cupped leaves, to add a cascading plant to your collection, for it's unique flower blooms, and for you and your cat to care for a rare variety!

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