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Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant

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Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant 


Kokedama  is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan, where it is a combination of the Nearai bonsai and Kusamono planting styles.

These Kokedamas are planted with your choice of Pilea Chinese Money Plant or Jester's Crown Fern.

Our cat Crouton loves both of these plants! She is very fascinated with their shape and loves to brush up against them!

This Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plant - Both varieties are low maintenance and easy to care for.

Cat Safe Plants Pro Tip:  Since Kokedama are wrapped in moss, it is best to soak the base of the plant in water for five minutes, every two weeks. We like to place the Kokedama in a bowl of water, base submerged, in the sink. That way, the moss ball gets evenly saturated and will hydrate the leaves for a long, healthy life.

Add these Kokedama Moss Ball Hanging Plants - Pilea Chinese Money and/or Jester's Crown Fern to your Cat Safe Plants collection to for its unique way of displaying your plants, to add texture and interest to your plant collection, and to give you and your furbaby a beautiful, safe way to use plants in your home decor!