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Maranta Red Prayer Plant

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Maranta Red Prayer

  • Common Name(s):  Red Maranta Herringbone, Red Prayer Plant
  • Description:  This cat safe plant, the Maranta Red Prayer also known as the Red Maranta Herringbone. This hardy houseplant is easy to grow and moves throughout the day to follow the sun like its sister the Calathea Prayer Plant. The Maranta Red Prayer is a slow grower, so no matter where you have a prayer plant, you don't need to worry about it growing out of control. This plant boasts large oval deep green to paler green leaves variegated with pinstriped colored markings of red. Its leaf undersides are a purplish red hue. This variety produces lavender colored flowers when large. Our cats love Prayer Plants! With their striking shades of color it will keep your kitty busy investigating! Add this Maranta Red Prayer to your Cat Safe Plants Calathea collection!